Recently, while researching what makes React’s virtual DOM so fast, I realized how little are we aware of javascript performance. So I’m writing this article to help raise awareness about Repaint and Reflow and JavaScript performance in general.”

Before we dig deeper, do we know how a browser works?

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, let’s have a high-level view of how a browser works!

We often take things for granted and never pay attention to details, in this blog will see how to use the useState hook in the right way.

I have been using React for the last four years to earn my bread and butter.
I always had a curiosity about React? how’s it different from other frameworks? How things are handled internally etc etc…

While satisfying my curiosity I learned few things along the way which I think are worth sharing.

Let’s start

The State

class-based components are gone, no one uses them and this is how we typically use state in functional…

this’ is always been a pain in the a** for many JavaScript developers, but it’s time to say ‘I got this

Photo by Nick Sokolov on Unsplash

Previously I have written Understanding Scope and Context in JavaScript
Before reading this article I’ll recommend you should read that article first, but if you think you have a good grasp on scope and context let’s continue.

So What is 'this` in JavaScript?

As we have discussed in this article more elaborately, the value ofthis keyword in a global context refers to a global object which is Windowin case of browser.

So answer to what is this in JavaScript is
this contains a value which…

A URL shortener is a tool which takes a long URL and turns it into a short URL, In this blog post, we’ll see how to create our own URL shortener.

perfect balance

First, we’ll understand why do we need a URL shortener and then we’ll see how to create one.


Let’s just see some statistics about the internet,
According to hostingtribunal, 70 million blogs get published each month,
Google receives 40,000 queries per second,
There are 4.18 billion mobile Internet users,
There are 1.75 billion websites.

Hush!!, That is huge

Since billions of webpages and web content created daily, creators need…

Want a deeper understanding of “Scope” & “Context” in JS? Want it demystified? Look no further. I have simplified it for you!

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

You might have heard many times that JavaScript is weird😨, JavaScript is hard to understand😨, JavaScript is unpredictable🙄 and what not…

Well, It’s not that weird if you understand JS inside-out,
It’s not that hard if you pay attention to details,
It’s not unpredictable if you understand implementation details.

I’ll be writing more often about JS and will try to simplify hard topics.😎
Stay tuned, follow me on Twitter for updates.

Let’s get started

We’ll first understand what is Scope with…

Collection of useful insights and tips about JavaScript and overall web development.

I wanted to complete the JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structure Certification and Responsive web design for a long and recently I completed both the certification course.

believe me, even after 3 years of professional experience in web development I felt like I didn't know anything about web development while attending these courses. (I still feel the same :-))

In this post, I am sharing a few things which I learned over this period and I am hoping that this will help you in some way.

1. Design Mode

Design mode…

Tasks or Things repeating more than once are worth automating — Linus Torvalds.

A few weeks back [at the time of writing this post], we have invited Aniruddha Bhagwat — one of the influential personalities I have ever met after our co-founder Gautam Rege to uncover various aspects of branding, the importance of storytelling, and how to achieve growth as an individual and/or as a business. During his informative and attentive talk, he mentioned things like Personal Branding, Importance of social presence, How to transition from 1x engineer to 10x engineer and much more...

After listening to him I realized…

Classes in JavaScript are a hurdle for many. Many complaints about the different behavior of a class in JS. In this post, I’ll try to explain how a class works in JS and how to achieve class like behavior without using class keyword.

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

People from object-oriented background often get confused with classes in JS. Often people come with some assumptions and try to relate things with each other which is a good thing to fast track our understanding. But while trying to relate the behavior of a class in Java or C++ to class in JS puts us in more…

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Lifetime learner, JavaScript Enthusiasts, In love with ReactJS

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